Hydraulic works

Hydraulic works

Comprehensive design and consulting services are provided in all types of plumbing projects.
  • Collection, transport, storage, treatment and distribution of drinking water
  • Flood protection works
  • Arrangement-demarcation projects
  • Sewerage - drainage of road construction
  • Water supply systems
  • Water infrastructure management plans
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Environment & Sustainable development

Environment & Sustainable development

In the field of design and management of Environmental projects, our company has developed in recent years a dynamic presence in solid waste and wastewater management, providing comprehensive services ranging from the preliminary design of a project to the monitoring of its construction and operation. In particular the specialized services provided include:
  • Collection, transport, treatment and disposal of urban wastewater
  • Municipal waste management
  • Alternative methods of liquid & solid waste collection
  • Environmental impact studies of all types of projects and activities
  • Strategic environmental planning and management
  • Plant Engineering & Environmental Rehabilitation Studies
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Topography - GIS

Topography - GIS

The company provides integrated mapping services, design and development of GIS applications for various uses and sectors, such as environmental management, infrastructure management, public service organization, etc. In addition, extensive application using GIS solutions is done during the process of preparation of many studies (spatial, urban, hydraulic, environmental, cadastral, etc.)
  • Topographic, cadastral, hydrographic, geophysical surveys.
  • Satellite geodesy and digital cartography.
  • Photogrammetry, photointerpretation and remote sensing.
  • Photographic documentation with UAV
  • Production of orthophoto maps from UAV, but also from satellite data
  • Creating Digital Surface Models (DSMs) from ground laser scanners or from UAV images
  • 3D Impressions with Laser Scanner
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National Land Registry Studies

National Land Registry Studies

The studies of the National Cadastre concern the production of cadastral maps and tables, with the collection, control and processing of cartographic and photogrammetric material as well as declarations and property titles of the rights registered in the cadastre.
  • National Land Registry Studies
  • Forest Cadastre Studies
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Spatial Planning – Urban Planning

Spatial Planning – Urban Planning

The company provides integrated services in the whole range of spatial and urban planning: from strategic plans of regional and urban development to urban planning studies of residential areas and implementation acts. The services provided include:
  • Strategic plans for regional and urban development (spatial plans for large areas
  • modules, special spatial plans, regulatory plans, GIS, SHOOAP, business plans)
  • Development and design of urban infrastructure
  • Regional development and management of urban - rural connections
  • Development of social infrastructure
  • Cultural heritage and tourism development
  • Urban planning studies and implementation acts
  • Redesign and upgrade of urban open spaces
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Architectural works

Architectural works

In the field of architectural projects, comprehensive services are provided in all their phases: definition of functions, construction of the building plan, architectural design and alternatives, implementation study, tender documents, construction supervision. The design is implemented based on many parameters and criteria such as environmental impact, bioclimatic, energy efficiency, adaptation to modern needs and requirements, safety, modern technologies, etc.
  • Buildings of public interest (administrative, cultural, sports, health - welfare, education, etc.).
  • Commercial and office buildings.
  • Tourist units.
  • Industrial buildings and facilities.
  • Static studies
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Public space is a challenging area of ​​modern urban design, in which our company actively participates through a wide range of studies and implemented projects. The Company has significant experience in renovations, from individual, urban public spaces to the scale of entire residential complexes. The design is based on multiple readings of the built environment, combined in the context of modern interventions incorporating the principles of bioclimatic design, with a view to upgrading the quality of life of residents.
  • Renovation of urban environment and outdoor areas.
  • Restorations - renovations of traditional buildings, temples and monuments.
  • Landscape configurations.
  • Urban design studies
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Transportation Projects

Transportation Projects

In the field of transport, design and consulting services are provided in the whole range of transport systems and infrastructures and in all phases of each project: initial design, financial analysis and planning, implementation study, auction, construction, operation and maintenance.
  • Road works
  • Fixed orbit projects
  • Traffic studies
  • Signage and safety studies
  • Management of construction and operation of transport projects
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Project Management-Technical Consultants

Project Management-Technical Consultants

The company provides integrated project management services (Project Management), ensuring the perfect, quality, in accordance with the specifications and within the planned schedule and financial planning, implementation of each project. Our specialized staffs support the bodies in all matters and in all the implementation processes of the projects: from the initial design, the planning and the issuance of the required licenses, the maturation studies and the tender documents, to the auction, the construction and the function. Independent and complete technical, legal and financial consulting services are provided, in order to meet the specific requirements of each project and to achieve the envisaged objectives of the implementing and operating bodies. The activities of the company include:
  • Strategic business planning
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Costing and financial monitoring
  • Control and management of studies
  • Selection of an auction system
  • Compilation of auction documents
  • Support to auction procedures
  • Contract management
  • Administrative and technical support
  • Construction management
  • Operation and maintenance management systems
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